• Kairi Kaljo


Updated: Jul 19, 2020

I just thought, it would be nice to start from the beginning and tell you a little about myself.

Originally born in Estonia, lived years in London and now an honorary Aussie, somehow I have always loved to organise or a project manage. It’s like baking a cake- eventually you see the end result, the finished product, the goal, and when you do it properly, you get to be proud of yourself and it makes you feel good.

I love the Monday to Friday routine and weekends off to enjoy my life. I wouldn’t change the routine. If anything, I would like to increase my free time but hey - I am working on it.

Throughout the years, I have worked in a variety of administrative roles from real estate advertising portal to national non-profit organisation and higher education institution, with my latest role being the Executive Assistant to the GM and some Associate Deans.

I like to consider myself as an entrepreneur and in addition to my full time role, I have always had a side hustle. Amongst other things I have ran a catering business and managed an online wedding gift business, so I have an excellent knowledge how to set up a businesses from the scratch and processes involved.

I am very organised and efficient at doing things and always deliver positive outcomes. People know me for getting things done. I love helping others to reach their goals.

I am big supporter of continuous change and innovation and embrace a new technology that makes our lives easier.

Despite my experience being mainly in a corporate type of organisations, I am more passionate about working with individuals and small businesses and helping them grow.

I am a lover of all things food and wine. Would absolutely love to work with people in the industry. I also love flowers, photography, traveling and I am big about health and fitness.



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