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Are you a creative entrepreneur or a small business owner?

Constantly running out of time and finding yourself working after hours to take care of everything admin and things that actually do not make you money? Do you often struggle with new visual content to share with your followers and clients?

If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider reaching out to a Virtual Assistant (VA) or a Digital Content Creator.

Here at Virtual Avenue I can help you to focus more on things that matter to you. All while focusing less on things that don't make you any money and just deprive you from quality time with your friends and family.

I am located in Brisbane, Queensland but support clients Australia wide.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a skilled professional providing administrative support to their clients remotely from its home office either on a regular basis or for a one off project. 

By using modern technology, there is no need to have another staff member sitting next to you in an office.  A VA is reachable via phone, email and Skype/Zoom any time during standard office hours or occasionally after hours and at weekends.

Virtual Assistant has years of experience working as an Administrator, Secretary, Office Manager, Personal Assistant/EA, book keeper, graphic designer and more. 


Some VAs are more specialised: They do social media management combined with photography and graphic design - they are called content creators. Some write policies, look after your books. Some are general jack of all trades.

Why a Virtual Assistant?

Ever feel like you are constantly running out of time to get everything done and the list of tasks is endless? 


Want to be organised and better work-life balance? Want to focus more on your true expertise and what makes you money, and not be snowed under with admin tasks? With little help from Virtual Assistant, YOU CAN.

VA costs less than a permanent or temporary staff member. No super payments, no annual leave, sick pay or  temp agency fees. No costs associated with equipment or work space. You only pay for the hours or a project your Virtual Assistant works for you. No additional costs.


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